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Spring Back To You Featured

A “few” years ago my Mom told me “ Your friends will change with all major life changes such as marriage and children”. I can admit…. My Mother was right! But what I’m learning is that it depends on how you handle all of your major life changes.

I absolutely loved becoming a parent and growing our family. I love setting up playdates, going to all of the kid’s activities and just staying busy in Family Life. But after a while you start to get run down and just start going through the motions and not actually enjoying moments along the way.

After recovering from a long term injury, I became more aware of the person I was becoming. I realized that as much as I love running off my feet for my kids, husband, puppy and work, I also need time for me….get away with friends and have time to sit back and enjoy special moments. They make me a better, wiser and happier Mom, Wife, Friend, Employee and Instructor.

Spring Back To You Women’s  Getaway is about setting that time on the calendar for you and just say…I want to do it and book it! Figure out the rest after, you CAN and NEED to get away for 2 nights and just have fun, step outside your comfort zone and try new things. After the weekend you will feel refreshed and enjoy the simple things in life even more.

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