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Health Vs Weight

A few years ago, I had a lady call me to inquire about my Pilates classes and I will never forget something that she said “ Well you must be super fit being a Pilates Instructor” my response may of come as a surprise to her when I said “ No I’m not super fit, but I am healthy”.

Before becoming a mother of two beautiful girls, people would have looked at me and thought I was “super fit” because I was thin. But I wasn’t feeding my body and brain the foods they required and I didn’t have the muscular strength my body needed; later learning after going through a knee injury and pelvic disability.

Through my years of research in health and wellness, I’ve learned that there are a number of reasons why someone may appear unhealthy. When students or friends bring up the topic of their weight and that they are struggling to lose weight I have a few go to questions:

Are you sleeping well at night? Research has been proven that those that don’t get a consistent amount of sleep each night but on additional weight. The body needs time to properly rest, reset and time for hormones to balance.

Which leads me to my next question, Are you going through a stressful time? Some people lose weight when they are stressed, but others, and in my opinion, the majority of us, put on weight when we are stressed. There is a link to a hormone called cortisol that is released when we are stressed, which leads to stomach fat.

Medication is another reason for unwanted pounds. And sometimes there isn’t anything you can do about the medication you are on, as it is helping with another health issue. My suggestion would be to discuss options with your Doctor and or Naturopath.

I also find that to some degree, our family genetics do play a role. Not that they are the reason to being 50lbs over weight, but it may be more of a challenge for your body type then others to lose weight or look a certain way. And I say…. Own It! This is your body, accept it and love it the way it is. I will never be Super Model tall but I will own being a cute little height. As every woman knows, good things come in small packages.

Of course there is always what we eat, it is much easier to eat packaged foods, but my suggestion is to fill up on your whole foods first for the day and include protein with every meal and snack. Once you have your whole food servings for the day, and then give yourself a little treat….I bet you won’t have room or the interest for much. Also, meet and exceed your daily requirement for water.

I use the word exercise lightly, as I think your fitness should be something that you enjoy like a hobby, whether it’s Pilates, Yoga, Cycling, Dance classes etc. If you enjoy your fitness, you will want to do it and will find ways to bring it into your day to day routine.

When a student comes to my classes, I don’t judge them on the size that they are. I praise them for taking time out of their day to do something for their health. Size is only a number. They could be healthier then myself, but just have something else going on in their lives. So the next time you feel uncomfortable about the size you are, feel confident in the health choices you are making and everything else will fall into place with time.

“Think about how far you have come today and how much further your will be tomorrow” Unknown


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