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A fun exercise that I love to do, is have my students line their feet, one in front of each other (as if on balance rope) Close their eyes and turn their head slowly from side to side. One day I should record this! This exercise shows how much is needed to balance; core strength, thought and visual connection to balance. And did you know that our balance starts to decrease by 1% each year after turning 35!

I love the Standing Pilates Exercises because they are exercises that you can bring into you everyday, as we are usually upright more than laying down. I often hear that individuals don’t think they can take a Pilates class because they aren’t flexible. Which you do not need to be flexible for mat work (just a benefit you gain from classes) but the standing exercises are easier for individual to do that aren’t flexible.

Osteoporosis is on the rise and not slowly down with a whopping 2 MILLION Canadians living with Osteoporosis! Weight bearing activities such as Standing Pilates, walking, running, dancing etc are done in the upright positions which require the bone to fully resist the force of gravity. These types of exercises will produce new bone to combat the disease. If you have any form of Osteoporosis, you should let your instructor know, as there are certain exercises to avoid, such as twisting and bending of the neck.

My beginner class includes some standing pilates exercises half way through the session. This allows time to build pelvic floor strength before standing as well as time for any injuries along the leg to build strength before weight bearing.

All other classes will include standing exercises in each class.

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