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The PiYo classes are designed so that you watch your instructor, therefore, I will not able to move around the class as I usually do In a Pilates class to correct form. Instead, I will cueing until I’m blue in the face…which may be hard as I’m often a nice shade of red!!

PiYo is a challenge but everyone is to go at their own pace, take breaks when needed and most importantly, just have FUN with it. You will have a great workout regardless of accuracy.

My Pilates classes change every 2 weeks, however, since PiYo is faster pace and a challenge even if you do it 10 times in a row, I will be doing the same routine for 6-8 weeks. As we get faster I will add more segments to the class and may substitute others. Then just as your are perfecting the routine, I will challenge you with a New PiYo routine.

Before all of my joint injuries that I rehabilitate through Pilates, I loved high impact workouts. PiYo delivers that high impact routine without the joint impact. Be sure to come with a smile to class and have a good laugh as I mix up my words and sometimes have a mind blank of the next move… I’m only human and learning with you!

So come be a PiYo Gangster with me and try the Newest Work-out class by Beach Body!

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